Precise installation is important to achieve a perfectly level floor and a smooth slab-like look for stone walls. We have the years of experience to achieve perfect stone alignment. And if you have a design in mind for a complex patterned or mosaic floor our specialized artisans have the skills to achieve your vision.

We are available to provide guidance on choosing the right stone for your projects. There are hard stones including granite and marble and softer stones such as slate and limestone. Each has its own appeal however marble and granite are very often used because of their spectacular range of colours and their durability.

Granite is a stone in the igneous family of molten rock. As the rock cooled an array of minerals formed crystals and bonded together. Due to its formation of tight crystals granite is very strong and resists water damage and surface wear very well. Granite has even patterning and comes in a wide range of colours caused by varying mineral combinations in different regions of the world. Granite's hardness lends itself to counters and other areas that may come into contact with water or acidity.

Marble is often considered the most visually appealing stone as it comes in wide range of patterns that can include spectacular veining. While it is a hard stone marble is less durable than granite. It is a metamorphic rock formed from ancient coral reefs exposed to heat and pressure under the earth's surface. Calcium carbonate from the bones of the reef sea creatures combined with minerals that produced the extraordinary range of colours. The presence of calcium carbonate makes the stone slightly more susceptible to liquid and wear damage. With proper sealing and care marble can be used to great effect.

Due to our long-standing relationships with the premiere stone providers we can source unique materials to help you achieve your design goals.

Natural Stone Options


More and rare to find marbles available, please contact us for more information.