TuffSkin is a proprietary stone laminate, made from high-tech polyester that is gas permeable but liquid impermeable. Our hard coat technology resists scratching and provides a long product life. TuffSkin adhesive is designed specifically to work with stone.

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Why TuffSkin?

TuffSkin Surface Protection solves the marble etching and staining challenges in the hospitality industry and the commercial and residential markets. TuffSkin does what traditional stone sealers have never been able to achieve. Use the stone you want, TuffSkin provides the protection you need.

"We had TuffSkin installed in 202 bathroom vanities prior to our hotel's grand opening. The installation was quick and efficient. The TuffSkin installed in 2008 has kept our tops looking new ever since."

- Rod Hicken, Chief Engineer Aliante Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Top Ten Reasons to Choose TuffSkin

1. More Design possibilities. Many designers have abandoned the use of Marble because of maintenance problems. TuffSkin has solved this age-old challenge. Design with the client’s desires for beautiful natural stone and a practical hospitality surface.

2. Lasting beauty. Stone protected by TuffSkin will not etch or stain ever.

3. Protect the original finish. Like a fine automobile’s original paint job, new stone protected with TuffSkin will always have its original finish.

4. Protect against scratching, chipping and stun marks. Although the TuffSkin coating may become damaged, your stone will not. Replacing TuffSkin is always more advantageous then restoring stone. Stun marks are almost impossible to restore.

5. No VOC’s. TuffSkin and its installation creates no chemical smells.

6. Quick and efficient. Custom Homes, Bars and Restaurant projects take one or two days to complete. Hotel projects are completed with a schedule of 10 to 30 rooms per day depending on project. Hotel rooms are guest ready upon completion.

7. Protection from Heat. TuffSkin can take the heat and stay in the kitchen. Blow Driers and Curling irons in the bath do not affect TuffSkin. No damage to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Cost effective. Compared to a traditional restoration maintenance schedule each and every year for 5 years TuffSkin is a bargain. In a hotel setting that means having a room out of order 1 time instead of 5. TuffSkin pays for itself in room revenue simply by completing 1 project over 5 years instead of 5 projects over 5 years. Busy hotel properties can see up to 90% more rooms available with a TuffSkin installation. TuffSkin does this at a 50% to 70% direct cost savings.

9. Improved Guest Experience. Whether you chose Satin for its natural low gloss finish or Gloss for a deep color enhancing experience, TuffSkin keeps marble looking better for a longer period of time than anything on the market today. TuffSkin allows you to provide your guests with a beautiful marble experience every time.

10. Easy cleaning. TuffSkin is easily cleaned with any liquid cleaner. Being non porous it is more sanitary than natural stone. A final buff with a micro fiber towel creates a perfect gloss finish.

From architects and designers, to property operations, to hotel guests, everyone loves TuffSkin.

TuffSkin Projects

Fairmont Pacific Rim & Botonist Restaurant
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver & Fairmont YVR
Shangri-La Hotel & Market Restaurant
Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Hawksworth Restaurant & Prohibition
Cactus Club Cafes
Loden Hotel
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver
St. Regis Hotel Toronto
The Boulevard at Sutton Place
installing residentially daily

Wine spilled on a counter with marble protection near Toronto